Applicant Tracking System Features

How to View CVs, Score Candidates & Shortlist

How to View CVs, Score Candidates & Shortlist   learn more

Inviting candidates to interview & automatic interview scheduling

Inviting candidates to interview & automatic interview scheduling   learn more

Promote your jobs on a variety of job boards

When you add your job it is automatically publishing on a variety of websites included in your package - you can also cross-promote your jobs to additional jobs boards   learn more

Controlling permissions for your hiring team

All Jobs Pro's Permissions Tools enable HR Managers to control which of your colleagues can, and can not, access your candidate data and makes it easy to assign responsibilities to different members of your hiring teams.   learn more

Customising your application form to ask job specific questions

All Jobs Pro application forms can include job specific questions that relate to the role you are recruiting for - making it easy to surface candidates with the best fit   learn more

Internal only applicants / apply by invite

If you need to restrict a vacancy to Internal Applicants Only you can do this with a Hidden Advert.   learn more

Involving your colleagues in the recruitment process

  learn more

Measure your recruitment advertising on any job board

You can measure your recruitment advertising on any job board (even those not currently integrated with the All Jobs Pro ATS) by using Tracking Links. This article shows you how to generate a Tracking Link.   learn more

Exporting your reports to a spreadsheet

A short guide to exporting your reports to Excel   learn more

Displaying your jobs on Google Jobs

Google Jobs has launched in the UK - here's a quick overview showing how your vacancies can be displayed on Google's new job seeking platform.   learn more

Monitoring equality and diversity

All Jobs Pro helps with your Equal Opportunities Monitoring by asking each candidate to anonymously complete an optional short form.   learn more

Personnel forms - how to ask candidates to complete them

Save back and forth with candidates by using the Information Requests module. All Jobs Pro will email the candidate requesting the information you need (chasing them up automatically if needed), candidates info is entered via your Careers Microsite and stored in accordance with GDPR alongside their record in the ATS. Easily keep track of who has / has not supplied their information with reports, saving you time keeping everything organised.   learn more

Reports and analytics

All Jobs Pro's reports help you measure and refine your recruitment process. Discover the sources of your best candidates, measure your hiring speed over time and monitor activity reports to help your team improve.   learn more

Suggesting a candidate for a different role

If you consider a candidate would be better suited to a different role within your organisation than the one they originally applied for, "suggest" them for another role and the ATS helps everyone keep track.   learn more

Talent Pool - granting access only to those that need it for GDPR

Respecting candidate's privacy is always important. All Jobs Pro makes it easy to ensure you comply with GDPR with your talent pool.   learn more

Talent pool - highlighting candidates

Highlighting candidates in your talent pool helps you, or your colleagues, find talented people that have previously applied to your organisation   learn more

Use quick search to easily find your job adverts or candidates

How to quickly find your recruitment advertisements or search for a specific candidate by name.   learn more

The 5 company policies you need to have in writing

From an Employee Code of Conduct Policy to your Equal Opportunity Policy the importance of putting your policies down in writing should not be underestimated.

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What to measure in employee performance reviews

“You can’t improve what you can’t measure” and “what gets measured, gets done.” Measuring your employees performances can often be challenging especially when it's tricky to obtain real tangible data to evaluate against. However, here we try to break down the main questions to ask, and the performance factors you need to know.

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Employment background checks

Here are 8 essential checks employers should do before employment.

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Red flags in employee background checks

So you have found the best candidate for the role you’ve advertised for and now ready to offer them a role. There is however just one more hoop for them to jump through - the background check

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Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace should be more than just ticking a compliance box; it should be embraced because it can boost performance and create unique workplace cultures.

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Why choose a career in HR?

HR is now at the heart of most businesses which makes it truly exciting for people entering into the profession, Lyndsay Moger discusses the various career paths that you can take and the skills you learn can be adapted and taken to any industry.

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Company Christmas parties - Do's and Don'ts

It’s that time of year again, the time of year that many an HR Manager dreads – the office Christmas party. For all of your seasoned HR professionals out there, you are probably already aware of the potential pitfalls – however for those of you who are perhaps unaware of the issues that could arise, we have put together this handy guide to ensure your Christmas party goes off with a bang… for all the right reasons!

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Christmas parties - how to avoid any drama

You may have had your annual staff Christmas party this year. How was it? There are usually stories that staff like to share over the following days, and sometimes there’s work for the HR team to do as a result. Martin Botting of The Aldingbourne Trust explores how to avoid any drama.

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