Ensure all your open positions are being actively managed with the Vacancy Report tool

When you have multiple open vacancies it can be hard to keep track.

All Jobs Pro's Vacancy Report does all the heavy lifting for you.

All Jobs Pro can be configured to email hiring managers with actionable suggestions, politely prompting where action is needed to ensure no candidate is overlooked.

As open positions are filled its easy to update the Vacancy Report.

1. Click on Mark as Offered or Filled

2. Type part of the candidate's name

3. Select the relevant candidate

4. You can enter the Offered date, or the Start date, or both

5. Your Time to Hire metrics are automatically calculated for you

6. Any hard to fill vacancies can easily be identified - why not ask for suggestions from your All Jobs Pro Hiring Success Executive on your next Recruitment 1:1 call?

Make quality hires and take control of your employer brand with our easy to use Applicant Tracking System ask us to contact you for a quick demo