Recruitment One-on-Ones

Recruitment One-on-Ones meetings are a useful aspect of All Jobs Pro's service.

A quick regular call between you and your Recruiting Success Executive at All Jobs Pro is recommended to check in on how your job adverts are performing and to ensure no candidate gets missed and that all roles are filled quickly and efficiently.

We recommend scheduling a weekly, fortnightly or monthly catch up call with your Recruiting Success Executive which can be a phone call or by Zoom, Teams or Google meet.

Suggested recruitment One-on-One agenda:

  • Review all live jobs and any forthcoming vacancies

    • Candidate numbers
    • Advert text, job title (for search), salary and benefits
    • Where to advertise / where are candidates coming from
    • How candidates are to apply

  • Involving line managers in the hiring process
    • Adding line managers
    • Setting their permissions (eg will managers be able to review only, review and arrange interviews, reject candidates etc)
    • Arranging a training call with All Jobs Pro for any new managers

  • Feature requests (we love to receive these)

If you would like to arrange a Recruitment One-on-Ones with your Recruiting Success Executive or if you're not currently using All Jobs Pro to streamline your recruitment please get in touch

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