Easier interview slot creation

It's now even easier to create multiple interview slots for candidates to book into.

In this example we want our interviews to last 1 hour

Our first interview will be at 1pm so we select that in the Time menu.

When we click "Add" the interview slot is created in the normal way.

but now the Time menu has automatically been updated to 2pm (ie 1 hour later than our last interview)

When we click "Add" then the Time menu will change to 3pm, and so on.

So if you need to organise a number of interviews, one after the other, this update should save you a few clicks.

Naturally you can still choose a different time manually if needed, and this works for all interview durations eg 30 mins, 45 minutes etc.

This is only a small update but they all add up and we're always looking for ways to reduce friction and make it easy to organise your interviews - we hope this helps.

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