Inviting candidates to interview & automatic interview scheduling

The screens shown in this video have been updated since this video was recorded.

Transcript of video

In this video we're going to invite candidates to interview and save time by using the automatic interview scheduling tool.

In the previous video we scored our applicants and shortlisted the top three - so let's compose an email inviting them to interview

We can choose from a number of professionally worded templates which saves us time and ensures our messages are always consistent

We can edit our message before we send it here

These are the candidates we selected and the system will send an individual email to each candidate, automatically inserting their name

Let's use the automatic interview booking tool, we simply specify the dates and times when we are available for interviewing and the system enables the candidates to choose from those dates 

I've shortlisted 3 candidates so i'll create 3 time slots like this

Now let's preview the emails before sending them to the candidates

Hh look i've forgotten something and the system has reminded me - on this occasion I don't need this so I'll just remove it - let's try again

As you can see the system is ready to send three separate emails, one to each candidate

This area would usually be personalised with your logo and your email signature, 

I'm happy with the wording so let's click Send

The 3 candidates have had their statuses updated so we can see at a glance how our recruitment pipeline is progressing

Let's now view things from the candidate's perspective..

Our candidate has received our invite to interview and has clicked on the button to book their interview

They are then able to choose from the interview slots we created - it looks as though one of the other interviewees has already booked the 2pm slot - so our candidate can choose from the remaining available ones like this

how candidates can book their own interviews

There, nice and easy for the candidate and very efficient for us 

As always All Jobs Pro helps us to keep track of everything

It's also very easy to view the interview arrangements - we can even print out a running order sheet for use when candidates come in for their interviews.

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