Promote your jobs on a variety of job boards

When you advertise your job it is automatically publishing on a variety of websites that are included in your package in addition to the Careers Portal on your own website - which means it will be picked up by Google Jobs. 


You can also choose to cross-promote your jobs to additional jobs boards, All Jobs Pro makes this easy as you don't have to sign in to another website or copy and paste the job information across - you can get your job advertised with a few clicks.


To cross promote your job to other job boards:


1. When you have advertised your job you will be shown the External job boards panel


2. Choose the job boards you want to advertise your role on



3. All Jobs Pro automatically detects the most likely sector and salary information to pass on to the job board, check this over and click Post


4. All Jobs Pro connects to the job board(s) you have chosen and posts your role for you


5. Application metrics are recorded via a tracking url so you can measure which job boards are performing best for your roles


If there is a job board you would like to advertise on that isn't currently integrated with All Jobs Pro then please just let us know

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